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    RC Backhoe Service, LLC is the most reliable option in Caldwell, ID for heavy duty excavation and landscaping services.
    Our specialized tasks include everything form irrigation pipeline installation, lot leveling,demolition,and tree removal to land clearing and more!
    Our topnotch equipment and high qualified team of operators will do everything it takes to provide you with amazing results.
    We are local family owned and operated, we understand the small guys needs too!
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Our Services

General excavation contractor

Before building any new home or commercial building, the site needs to be developed on sturdy, leveled terrain. Whether the lot needs concrete removal, demolition service or land clearing, we get your project started right.

Sprinkler irrigation
Irrigation Pipeline Installation

A home or commercial irrigation system is a necessary part of any landscape. The presence of an irrigation system will ensure that all your plants get the water that they need in order to thrive. We are here to provide irrigation pipeline installation and maintenance.

Stump removal
Tree Removal

There are several situations in which tree removal services becomes necessary. The most common is when the trees start to rot, or simply get old. For safety purposes, it is best to remove trees before they fall.

Snow removal
Snow Removal

When living in a cold climate, keeping up with snow removal can be difficult with a busy lifestyle. Let RC Backhoe Service provide professional snow removal so that you and your family can stay safe in any weather.

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6150 SE 8th Ave
Caldwell, ID 83607

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